Real Home Connections

Real Home Connections is a complimentary time and potentially money saving service that offers to help connect and disconnect you or your clients with all their utility and home service needs. Please take time to fill out your clients' information so we can assist them as quickly as possible. Once completed your clients' Personal Consultant will contact them before the end of the next business day excluding holidays.

BJ Sonderman

Matt Travaglini

Our 40 years of combined experience as leaders in the real estate industry has driven us to develop a world class home utility connection service that you can depend on. Let us show you how our nationwide free, convenient, reliable, and consistent home connection service adds value to your business or household.

We offer both home utility connections and disconnections (electric, gas, water, trash), as well as the ability to shop a whole suite of services for you or your client. These services include, InternetTVTelecom (including cell service from AT&T and Verizon), Home SecurityHome Automation, and Moving services to name a few. You and your clients will have access to special pricing and offers, while saving hours of precious time. Simply put, our clients on average save over 8 hours of time and $700 annually!

Our service is at no cost to you! We appreciate the opportunity to show you the difference we make and the simplicity we bring to the utility and home connection process. Please feel free to reach out us directly. Real Home Connections is here to support you!

I worked with Danielle Dunn and for someone who has moved a lot I wish I had this type of service a long time ago. She was very professional, and the service was easy and fast… Say goodbye to long hold times with utility companies and annoying IVR systems.

Chiri Lamon (Homeowner)

A+ for Matt Travaglini and his team for their great services!! The customer service rep was super friendly and knowledgeable. I initially just checked it out for my clients but in the end, I personally switched providers and my family has a savings over $100/month!! Thank you, Matt, !!!!”

Laura Strawbridge (Homeowner/VP of Mortgage Lending)

Danielle was very helpful setting up my services for my home. I highly recommend her and Real Home Connections.

Trey Knes (Homeowner)

I’ve already have taken the opportunity to have my clients moving here from AZ take advantage of your services! I instructed him to be brutally honest with me about his experience since you are a new company. He is over the moon with the ease of your services. I also want to add that he is a very “detail” oriented client who is a retired Air Force Colonel with HIGH expectations. He was IMPRESSED, and that is not easy to do with him! Thanks for helping me to give TOP SHELF service to my clients! I will continue to recommend RHC! Keep up the good work Matt & BJ!

Judi Welland Arnold (Agent)

I recommended this company to a client as a test….to see if it was something I wanted to start using on a regular basis. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant. Immediately after my client had her RH Connections consultant meeting, the client sent a note to me saying how wonderful they were. “Super easy, friendly and helpful” were her exact words. Will be recommending them to future clients. Thanks for making this service available to us!”

Kara Fitterer (Agent)

First, I was not sure how quickly someone would get back to my client on short notice. After a challenging purchase process, client was given a clear to close within 4 days, therefore needed to connect utilities ASAP. RHC did the job and did it quickly, by Friday morning, client’s utilities where all connected. Happy client, Happy Realtor. I will definitely continue to use RHC.

Mary Chege (Agent)

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With our 40 years of combined experience as leaders in the real estate industry, we realized the need for a comprehensive utility connection and disconnection company. Clients are generally left to their own to discover the appropriate companies and rarely know if they are getting the best plan for their needs. We know how hard agents work to provide full service and yet, there was a missing piece to the process. We designed Real Home Connections with an agent first mindset putting you the agent at the forefront of this service and keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

When an agent (sales or leasing) enrolls their client with Real Home Connections, we include their information in the introductory email stating that they have arranged for this service to be provided complimentary. The agent is also copied on this email as well as the follow up email outlining all the services the client has selected as well as the start or end date of those services. This is a great way to be sure the client didn’t miss anything when it comes to all those connections and that their start/end dates are correct.

In addition, we personalize marketing pieces with the agents’ photo or logo so they can promote this service to their clients in a branded format. We also offer an agent tool kit with the branded marketing materials but also other helpful pieces such as a moving checklist, important contact numbers, FAQ’s, a how to use Real Home Connections guide and more! Just email a request to to request your personalized marketing piece and/or your agent took kit – and don’t forget to include your photo, logo and name!

Are Real Home Connections services free?

YES! While we save clients’ money, there is NEVER a charge to the client, agent, or brokerage for using our services.

How are your services free?

Some utility providers have built in revenue for lead generation and client acquisition that is not passed along to the consumer. It is either paid to companies like ours that brings them clients or reabsorbed by the utility company. This lets us create a true win-win for the client!

Is there enough time to submit for your services? We are closing in a week.

YES! While we prefer to have more time to work with utility providers, one week will give us enough time to make the appropriate arrangements for their connections.

As an agent, do I just tell my clients about your service so they can sign up?

NO, we prefer the agent to register their client when possible. Your clients have enough on their plate, they might forget to register.

Is it too early to submit for your services? We aren’t closing for 6 weeks.

NO, please go ahead and complete the registration now. We can set up utility activations months in advance.

Can the information just be emailed to set everything up?

NO, clients need to be registered through our website so research can be completed and all plans for services they have interest in be presented during the call.

What if the sale of a house is happening in one area but the purchase is happening in a different town/state? Can you help with both ends?

YES, we are a nationwide company that can assist clients with plan selections as well as connections and disconnections anywhere in the United States.

As an agent, can I submit a pending deal, or do I have to wait for my next sale?

YES, submit those pending deals right away so we can help.

Can I use this program as well or do I have to be buying or selling to take advantage?

YES, anyone can check to see if they have the best service and the best rates. Most that check find that they can improve their service AND save money in the process.


Big or small, "We connect it all."

Once the client's information is received we go to work for them on your behalf. The Personal Consultant will help your client select the best and most cost effective connections available. We pre-screen all our service providers so your client will feel comfortable with who they choose, and we can spare them the time and hassle of researching countless company reviews!